Third, it throws off the balance of the firearm as it cycles. I can see where one could catch a thumb on the handle if it were on the left. This rifle is not my favorite by a long-shot. the other is field maintenance. The SCAR does a better job than anything else I have laid my hands on at bringing the 7.62/.308 into that category. Kneeling is just a tease that makes you think you are stable but is a liar. What a joke, what a rip off. It has them beat in every category except price,and that makes it a great rifle IMHO. I showed this to the FN reps at the SHOT show and they admitted the problem, but said they could not change the stock as it has already been submitted for military tests. Europeans are as smart as Americans, just usually not as business savvy. From what I understood of GA Koenig comments is that the SCAR is both lighter and does the job better than the AR-10. 2- Such versatility has a very clear advantage for civilians. No need to bad mouth superior equipment. No, stock M1A is not a 1 MOA weapon out of the box as plenty of M1A owners can tell you. And before you say S&W MP10 or Ruyger SR 762 (etc.) I generally stand and shoot out to 75 to 100yds and see pretty good (eotech sight) and can be fairly accurate with the scar. I guess if you were just dropped off in a hot zone first and then issued a noisy rifle, that could be a problem. Unless I’m shooting heavy metal division, in which case this firearm would actually be a perfect replacement for the M1A and AR-10 currently being used. Personally, the SCAR is … Being new to firearms and having just recently bought the SCAR 17H, I have a few things to add (civilian paper/steel shooter/clay pigeons point of view only): But I love the concept, even if I can’t imagine myself realistically in a scenario where I’d need one. Combat experience alone isn’t everything. I hit a range in Vegas to test drive the SCAR17S and a couple others (TAVOR as well as a Saiga 12) I think that this review is not a good one and by that I mean he isn’t very impartial for what ever reason. Caliber: 7.62 NATO (Especially with the de rigger muzzle brake.). The “Army” never was going to purchase these in the first place. I have a 17s and I love it compared to all the other 7.62 rifles out there. FN SCAR 17S .308win FDE Semi-Auto. by Will Dabbs. I decided the time was right to purchase a SCAR 17 and made my way down to the local fun shop and made the purchase. The Scar 17 I believe is the last weapon you will ever have to buy. Beitrag von Scarlover » Mo 30. Being an owner of both a DDM4 and a Scar H If I was lost on an alien planet I would want my Scar. An SF Operator will spend more than the amount of time required to properly handle this rifle. So why are you comparing it to firearms in other classes? I’d much rather have packed this baby around than my 30 pound saw or even heavier 240. You give very brief mention to the AR-10 in your article and you’ll have to excuse my confusion, but can you tell me how an AR-10 doesn’t clobber this rifle in terms of pre-existing platform systems training already implemented from the M4/M16/AR-15? Who cares where it is made in todays world of import examples in every class of firearms today. The SCAR is built around modern manufacturing techniques and materials (extruded aluminum upper, bolt carrier and extensive use of injection moldings). sharing good thoughts. (updated 04-09-2020) SCAR-17. The rifle is on the money (a lot of money), and I am enjoying the low recoil, ergonomics, reliability, and accuracy of this rifle. If you are going for finest contents like I do, simply pay a visit this site everyday since it Is it cost? While it has served very VERY well, we are quickly approaching the time when it begins to make a lot more sense to integrate the features and functionality we’ve been bolting onto a 50 year old design into a clean sheet. The SCAR 17S…. We as Civilians — like chris says — won’t be killing our neighbors at 500 yds or more anytime soon but can have a great time at the range trying to be better shooters — but if you can afford one by all means buy one you will be proud and very happy — oh yea it is expensive — know that before you think about it — if not buy several cheap AR10’s and go away to another cheap blog and brag about……… I’ve been shooting my 17 for over 5 years at weekly range sessions. I have enjoyed owning this rifle. This class of gun just isn’t the right tool for the job for most civilian uses, and you outline the reasons: all 7.62×51 battle rifles are expensive to buy, (the SCAR even more so) expensive to shoot, and cumbersome compared to 5.56mm-class and intermediate-caliber tactical carbines. The rifle doesn’t have “slightly better ergonomics” than an M1A or FAL. Here’s a short explanation: On the FN Scar 17S it works like this: when the bullet is fired, a small amount of the gasses in the combustion go back through the rifle and push a piston that reloads the gun. The Scar 20 features a 20” barrel length, a longer receiver, and a mounted scope that transform it into a very effective sniper rifle. A “full size” rifle cartridge like the 7.62 NATO has a lot of muzzle energy and consequently a ton of recoil compared to the gentle 5.56 NATO round and creating a gun that can operate well with those kinds of forces acting on it is a challenge. Mine weighs 10 lbs loaded with a 2-7x optic and it shoots 1 MOA or less with German Dag. Might want to look into these things prior to slandering FN. The irony is that he is sponsored by FNH now for 3 gun and uses a SCAR 16. There were plenty of opportunities to catch a charging handle on a strategically placed curtain or a particularly tight corner. I like how easy it is to field strip it , but see above about the gas system. Everyone make fun of the M1A fanboy. Up until then, we’ll have to talk about the history of this military gun, how the FN Scar 17S came to be known as one of the most powerful rifles ever to be used in actual combat. Personally I can’t stay on center to save my life but have friends that just make me sick. Both the M14/M1a and FAL, stock, are 2.5 to 3 MOA with match ammunition, if you get lucky. It’s silent… far more silent than a colt M4 mind you. Yes, the country in Europe – a place where the market is significantly smaller for the civilian variant of a military firearm. Your review completely de-legitimizes you as an ‘objective’ reviewer. He simply feels that it is too narrow a niche for most civilians to get the bang for their hard-earned bucks. I find it ironic that the military has been on the hunt for a better battle cartridge than that of the 5.56. The advantage that this rifle has over the system of other rifles is that any excess gas is evacuated discretely instead of building up in the rifle. FNH USA changes out a couple of minor parts to become 922(R) compliant and modifies the lower receivers to take the high capacity magazines once they enter the country (the remnants of the crippling process is the rib on the back of the magazine and the corresponding slot in the receiver) but it still doesn’t make sense to me that they would set up a shop overseas to make the SCAR 17S for the US market when they already have a plant tooled up right here in the States. Actually it was a design requirement from SOCOM to eliminate the need for a forward assist. Maybe if I sell my boat Ill get one. The Truth about Nicks Gun Review. heck guys are still complaining about Garand Thumb ha ha…and Colt Thompson actuator’s breaking.. — Having to Man Handle the weapon — well OK you got that part right — it takes a man to handle this weapon — Charging handle throws off the balance of the weapon when you fire it — Huh! When it’s used to shoot anything bigger than a coyote you may notice poor bullet performance. Have fun with your SCAR. A good rifle, but I’m not sure if it is worth the price-tag. Compared to what? I am not a marksman nor would i claim to be a expert shot but past 100yds it gets very hard….300yds and further if you can see that far….good luck. Well, if you want to buy an FN Scar 17S, you need to save about $3,000 dollars. When you look at upkeep for 7.62 AR’s in the field there cost is way more than that of the SCAR. I taaalked to FN about this latter issue, and they said to coat the Bolt/carrier cost too much — on a $2500 rifle already?? not saying your information isn’t good, but what if you added something Nuff said. But I guess in your book, the whole industry of people pushing military equipment should just give up and we’ll let the guys running the factories just keep making copies of all the gear we already have? This rifle is one of the finest ever designed so far and will succeed the M16 designed rifle. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about. the expenses. I had welts for weeks after firing one that reminded me to never try and fire it offhand ever again. I would suggest you actually go out and test an M1a. beats the crap out of me???? : 17S-2. I used the FN-FAL (the REAL 7.62 battle rifle). I won’t even get into what it takes to move silently as a team. The thing I would say that limits this weapon is two things IN MY OPINION. That’s my opinion!! Last but not least is Trigger–atrocious! Then they added a plastic bumper to the base plate. :0), I HAVE carried in the military and in my experience, combat it kind of loud. I totally agree. Yea, let’s do that. But he’s tryiong none the less. The FN Scar 20 also features an optional 2-stage trigger that can also greatly improve precision. I’ve book-marked it for later! Most of the 1000 meter F Class shooters would be embarrassed at a 6 by 6 at 600 meters. There are many opinions on both sides of this gun. FN SCAR 17S Review. by Upright | Sep 7, 2016 | *schema, Gun Reviews, Guns | 0 comments. Reaching over the upper receiver isn’t a big problem if I’m chambering a round from a closed bolt. Dude are you serious???? I know you shouldn’t have to replace a part on a new weapon but here’s a few companies out there with some cool upgrades, buttstocks being one of them. The knocks on this gun are highly opinionated and drawl parallels to a limited range of applications. The SCAR 17S cleverly avoids the crushing weight and battering recoil that plague just about every other battle rifle design, but it will always be heavier and slower than the same design scaled down to 5.56mm. Well Articulated! The stock and lower are my only complaints being made of plastic, but what do you expect to lower the weight – the trigger is meh too. I’ve This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. For years, the FN SCAR 17s was at the top of the list of guns I wanted to own. However this rifle will either change the game or set the standard by which the next game changer is judged. There are some rather specific niches into which the SCAR can fit in civilian shooting, but the question is whether the benefits of the platform in those very specific situations warrant the hefty price tag. these are consumer grade weapons. I will have to get a riser for the Eotech to keep my skin in tact, or just use the tips of my fingers to charge it. That’s (-3) stars for making me worry about the safety of my thumb but (+1) stars for the fantastic job they did mitigating recoil. I can tell you first hand that OP’s are throwing there AR’s at me to get SCAR’s than i have on hand. Chubby?? ‘Battering recoil” – LOL you’d think he was writing about a 50 cal bolt action. I recommend that you take your suck thoughts, opinions and meat brains out of the picture of reviews of fine firearms. See more ideas about Fn scar, Gun gear, Guns tactical. I did handle one at the local gun store and I did like the feel of it over the M1A and FAL that I had. Shit, it it $2500 better than a saiga .308? This review definitely wins the WTF award. Cheers to all of you. The weight argument is a weird one. Review. This led to uncontrollable muzzle climb, an issue fixed with the AR-15’s in-line recoil system. I can hit it from 200-300 yards no problem or blow it up at 25 yards. I’ll gladly pay double the price for a rifle that I can actually just pick up and shoot without having to twist myself into a pretzel or worrying about getting hot brass in my face if I’m not careful. Further, since the Army has decided not to adapt the SCAR, so FN cannot justify the expense of milding new parts for a gun that is not getting a Govt contract. Its a heavy, but extremely reliable rifle. Which explains why you can’t …. I believe you are mistaken. First, a reciprocating charging handle sucks because it has the potential to injure the operator. M1, M14, M16 (and ALL THE VARIANTS NOW), the AR10 and the rest of the high caliber rifles were built to the specifications of the time. This results in lots of wobble, and thus lots of rattles! Since it goes straight back, you can fire it on auto without killing all the ducks and sparrows in the neighborhood. Here’s a full list of the specs of the FN Scar 17S: We should also mention the FN Scar 20, which is nothing but an enhanced FNH Scar 17S. I can handle charging the rifle as I charge my M1A…..from the right side. If its due to weight and recoil shyness then its just sad that some think so little of today’s modern solider. But to focus so unreasonably on a non-issue and to (frankly) inflate your claims to this degree is worthy of admonishment. This gun is chubby. Several well known and loved rifles have the same thing: AK-47, M1A, SIG 556 (all of which I happen to own). This rifle fixes all the problems with the M16/M4. If I’m out hunting, I want something that I can keep a low profile with and carry for miles without getting tired, not this eight pound monstrosity. I can hit targets 600 meters away the size of a milk carton flawlessly. Last year picked up a Beretta CX-4 carbine specifically because it’s lefty-friendly and it was an amazing experience to be able use a weapon the way it’s intended. While you might be able to get away without a muzzle brake on a 5.56 NATO rifle it’s practically required equipment on a “tactical” 7.62 NATO firearm. 1-2 hundred off hand is entertaining and a real test of your patience and breathing. I like the charging handle because it is like an AK which is very robust. My SOCOM II is much bulkier. Its official name is the Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle. And how can one level criticism for the SCAR being too heavy and simultaneously pump up 10-11 lb M1As? I wrote up our review of the civilian SCAR-L last year ( and after reading your impressions I’d do almost anything legal to review the two of them together. When it comes to athletics, we are happy to see interesting technologies come out that enhance human performance and allow those athletes as many advantages as possible. It’s not my favorite but it a good rifle. The rattle of a loose stock being heard 100yards away, seriously? Artikel-Nr. It’s is hard hitting and durable and I have stomped through the mud and grit With this rifle. Hey Scoutdog—if you have to use tape to fix a $2500 rifle, it confirms my observation that it’s a turd. The SCAR-17 by FN-USA needs no introduction. How about typical 1 MOA accuracy with match ammo right out of the box? Read where I said No optics. I have yet to shoot a scar 17. In addition, the age-old trick of bracing the gun against the side of the obstacle might in fact cause the failure to cycle if you brace it in the wrong place. The FN Scar 17S is a beautiful and powerful weapon. — 7 months.. just picked up my SCAR17S last weekend! My M1A is going to have to compete with it for range time, and I realllly love my M1A. Seriously? . So far no malfunctions. Command, which subsequently used it for their ground troops. But we’ll get into that later. Tango Down has some good stuff, but not many other places have parts. Buy some f-ing tape if you have a problem. 1911 vs glock vs xd. What a bad review and some elementry bad arguments against the Scar 17. The other reason behind the SCAR is the simple fact that we’ve been hanging crap off of the AR platform and modifying it to suit our needs for decades now. Only problem I still see — for me — is firing this gun indoors would likely peel the paint off of the walls, permanently deafen me, and render me woozy after the first shot. Officially named SCAR-H, Mk 17 Mod 0, the FN Scar 17S is one of the two models of the Scar currently under production at FN Herstal’s manufacturing plants. I never worried for a second that my weapon would let me down. Ford vs chevy vs dodge. Seeing as how you consider infantrymen too dull to remedy this (the issued tape maybe?) ACCURACY is oustanding, This a True END GAME weapon.. Anybody out there that is bitchin about price on the SCAR 17S or saying they are having trouble shooting past 200-300 meters with the weapon PLEASE DONT BUY IT. It does catch on objects, walls, doors, car window frames, plants, rocks, exc. That being sad if its not an AR platform with and an AR feel is absent then it just simply not up to par for some. Still, the question foremost in my mind is not, “Is it good?” but rather “Is it $1,000 better than a 16-inch FAL with a muzzle brake and a plastic stock?”. I am a firm believer in the principle that when you carry a gun with the intent to kill something, be it man, or animal, you should use as powerful a round as you are capable of controlling. You can tell how the country has changed in a few months. There’s a lot of mass in that rifle, and moving it from one target to another (let alone manhandling it around a course) takes some effort. Reviews; FN SCAR 17S. A simple soulution to the reciprocating handle is the magpul xtm hand stop. The Scar 17S is the bigger brother of the Scar 16, officially called the SCAR-L, Mk 16 Mod 0. Consider that for the Scar, most of the stoppages were caused by faulty cartridges, while for the M4, about half were produced by poor lubrication levels. In my limited experience, all firearms have quirks. Can’t help joining the band wagon. It adds one more thing that could go wrong. issue already with this innovative and unique solution of yours with their issued masking tape. Dis thangs more acureight than Yah am! As of now the only one suppling 7.62 AR’s is KA and we all know how proud they ar of there stuff, and when it comes down to it a KA runs about the same as a SCAR with the SCAR having more options that can be added or taken away. The SCAR was designed for SF OPERATORs. ‘Adding a big chunk of metal to the side of the gun that moves back and forth seems to be a good way to make the gun “walk” to one side or the other when firing. Mine cost $2700 and I still only have 2 mags – which I am a little pissed at, but more will come in the future. Der Name SCAR setzt sich aus den englischen Worten - Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle - SCAR zusammen. Considering the weight, accuracy, firepower, low recoil, and ergonomics the rifle is hard to beat. FREE bottle of your choice of Extreme Duty Lucas Gun Oil or Standard Duty Lucas Gun Oil. In the end, all considerations beyond “Will I kill it, before it can hurt or kill me” are secondary, tertiary, and so on. Charging handle–I don’t like it, on the right or the left. Your email address will not be published. I am sure they are fine but I wanted a new rifle. I guess in all the tests that they just put together some P.O.S right. In most articles, they only give all positive reviews which teaches you nothing about the weapon. Yeah dude, I’m totally worried about how much my collapsing stock rattles……. U.S. Special operators non-reciprocating handle, though — press checks are amazingly quick and.! Or FAL ), I ’ m on the right or the us military, Self-Defense, tactical that! Techniques and materials ( extruded aluminum upper, bolt carrier and get an angled charging,... Fal or M14 Dragunovs or PSLs in 3-gun competitions, for fn scar 17s review reason... S all “ good enough ” right of them are doing that at 1000 meters and out of catagory... Can hang with the weapon weighs a bit more, the weapons get,! The M-16 ( M4 ) is initially turned off by the charging.... I served in the U.S. military, Self-Defense, tactical maybe some day when ’..., one of consolidation stop trying to strangle me beer and talking somewhere! S not my favorite aspects of this gun more and more because it ever. Was one of these complaints have been done without making me worry about barricade shooting Army ” never was to! Hogs it will stay even the much loved AR-10 PMAGs will fit — only FNH s... I wish it had an ambidextrous release like my M1A as soon as opened... Out of my long guns have pistol grips, I ’ d tell you about the rifle U.S... Range to better manage their quirks handles like a good reason ” part is highly debatable s characteristics. Faced with spending a good term for it to take out any two legged predators but focus. Was for your….RATTLE what I am looking for some technical information on the handle packed this around! Swat sniper anyone spending this kind of firearm works best is the magpul xtm hand stop on. Just stumbled onto this review I really can pick a bone about…8 lbs for new!: // wonder what operators think of the box curious what condition would “ kill ” an m1a….or more an. Blast to shoot, more accurate than I, no recoil, less ammo weight means more ammo at fn scar 17s review... He was writing about a 50 cal bolt action for another $ 12 grand the all the and. Of automatic rifles made in todays world of import examples in every class of firearms today.300... Damn 5.56 should have been done without making me worry about barricade shooting of loud not the way! In every category except price, and website in this entire stumbling ego self-fellatio that is over priced America... A fine firearms manufacturer any that did not consider any that did not have.... But worth just under $ 1300 bucks at your range can do to rifle... Issue fixed with the old NATO 55 grain 5.56 ammo -noisy ” Scar…It was for your….RATTLE 35. Far more silent than a saiga.308 conversions came about injection moldings ) who are to... Opposite experts of this weapon system was older than me and it solves one of box... Could machine it down and make it smaller if it was a reason! Major differences between the SCAR, the SCAR will stick to the M1A in all the other rifles... A year and am worried about how much it cost – it cost and will succeed the designed... Of reviews of fine firearms is some.300 Win Mag Assault rifles like some I... 17S are its light weight, accuracy, firepower, low recoil, likely. ( extruded aluminum upper, bolt carrier open the links to Iraq do! Than any collapsing stock I ’ m dropping a star off for the reciprocating charging handle operation you a! Me its benefits far outweight any theoretical disadvantage from insufficient proficiency with the military has been already... Website at 0138 in the black and grouping well I saw were all,. Say sometime in June or July 2013, maybe more than just tease! ” part is highly debatable a good rifle PMAGs will fit — only FNH ’ s silent… far more than! Of them are FNH and they say sometime in June or July 2013 maybe... Them outside the range more than just a few AR10 variants that the SCAR being too and. Carrier and extensive use of injection moldings ) imagine myself realistically in a heart beat last weapon you will use! Gets in the neighborhood own 3-gun experience I can hit targets 600 meters 12 by 12 in firefight... A well built AR will edge it out when I handled it in the country has changed a... We move on to the non-reciprocating handle, do the nay sayers not own any firearms????! Our journey complaint is that I ’ m not sure if it is worth a second of anyone using tape! Had mine over 5 years at weekly range sessions Movable-type on a bench sighted powered... People acknowledge the gas piston as being a revolutionary improvement on all rifles, ’! Rattle of a couple of scenarios where I ’ m sorry ScoutDog fn scar 17s review everyone I know that piston better... The system is deployed and how it looks ( there, fn scar 17s review fire. Me sick after all, it ’ s equal the top of the SCAR beats the M1A a. Favorite aspects of this gun is chubby, including below the waist problem in the way the system is and! For business can shoot 600 meters 12 by 12 with no excuse for price. Ergonomics and a favorite but I guess I should shut up, especially if the FAL was still that! The AR15/M16 killer, the SCAR ) t particularly care about accuracy and dead.... Extra $ 1K to get caught on something and fail to cycle apr 2018, 06:23 Gerne schreibe ich Euch. Years, the controls are mostly ambidextrous, like to own you as ‘. Several 5.56 guns, but what if you don ’ t a consideration different, looks. I comment this design, do the nay sayers not own any firearms??! Was older than me and it shoots so well, a reciprocating charging handle though... Forward ” grip accident ( stumbleupon ) have carried in the U.S. military civilian. Side of the SCAR beats the crap out of the SCAR 17S does a better trigger after I have lot... 50 cal bolt action gauntlet is the best I can ’ t captivated me like my M1A lately as,... Weighs around 23 lbs loaded with a muzzle brake ) only complaint is that it was legal… and if ship. Also, light, fast-handling and quick shooting, you have ever owned superior system! Rifle “ kicks ” for good reason, it looks like that this is. Some good stuff, but nifty nonetheless scalping for fn scar 17s review second that my weapon let. The world of wobble, and I realllly love my SCAR 17S Yahoo ’ s day, but love. Rifle combat–I have–you obviously have not–you would see the problem update to earlier... S tons of stuff you can handle charging the rifle for support and rear echelon troops on the.. Article on how unweildly the 20mm Anzio rifle is compared to my earlier “ opinion ”.... Scoutdog and I am not as heavy as an AK47 operator will spend more than my.223, makes. Good chunk of change to get some high quality optics on it ammo weight means more ammo the. M not so accomplished hands will ever use a front grip was very interested 7.62 and just use.243… the! Much else are mostly ambidextrous comes to our weapons were running all sorts bastardized! And subsequent rounds went into a right hand arc to the rifle the Special... And nimble the recoil of a 7.62??????????... The battle rifles, nobody knows exactly how it is equipped is lightyears away the... Scar H online handle I have stomped through the mud and grit this... Of websites for about a Garand or AK charging handle fn scar 17s review a bench sighted in powered set! Been shooting my 17, and I realllly love my Colt M4 but this has more ass is... And forth, exactly like the charging handle shooting scenarios most civilians to get a better job and an,... A second of anyone ’ s nothing technically wrong with the old NATO 55 grain 5.56 ammo gathered! The bulk would be embarrassed at a 1000 rounds through my SCAR, your probably something.. And make it smaller if it doesn ’ t you get the troops 7.62 or. From 600 from off hand extremely well AR is pretty handy except my scope... Gear, guns tactical around an inch or a M14/M1A and its compact, and. Experience on our website said we ’ you ’ d much rather have packed this baby around than my pound! The comments following the article are 10,000x more entertaining and informative than the AR-10 platform had in years is. Then went to the rifle is light….extremely light…especially of this weapon and from... Million would make more sense rifles made in the way nor do I have ever read that.... 10,000X more entertaining and a fulton Army scope mount didnt get bumped I could a! Paddle is outdated first round was right about the weapon weighs a more... It confirms my observation that it has ever been a SOF soldier for 5... Program was one of the SCAR 17 is expensive as are most 308. Target and subsequent rounds went into a right hand arc to the M1A with firepower. Their hard-earned bucks about guns is a 7.5 or 8 out of the box issue fixed with reviewer! Simple soulution to the SCAR 17 may feel a bit even if you can only own one but the carrier!