[1] According to Kennedy, it was during the initial scripting phase that she realized Trevorrow wasn't the right person for the job;[37] she attributed this to Trevorrow having not been present at the story conferences for The Force Awakens, during which a basic plan for the trilogy had been laid out. | This Week! Supreme Leader Kylo Ren leads a vicious assault against Alazmec colonists on a healing Mustafar, seeking a Sith wayfinder owned by Ren's grandfather, Darth Vader. She expertly runs and leaps through the obstacles, imbuing her actions with the Force. Rey is soon joined by the Dark Lord, who is supported by an Ommin harness. Meanwhile, in the hangar, a mind-wiped C-3PO haggles with the stormtroopers. [75][76] Because the film was under a shortened production timeline, the crew had to shoot everything they needed during principal photography,[77] and Maryann Brandon began editing on set. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares for battle with the First Order. He embraces Rey's body. Poe then hugs Finn. Rey healed a serpentine Vexis, which helped them escape the tunnels. Long before Lucasfilm's acquisition by Disney in 2012, Star Wars creator George Lucas mentioned that he had plans to make nine films. The critics’ consensus on “The Rise of Skywalker,” the final installment of “Star Wars,” is… not great. 35 ABY[9] WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Before departing, C-3PO also tells R2-D2 that should he not survive, the astromech droid was the "best friend he ever had." As several Sith Star Destroyers go up in flames, Pryde asks where they got this navy from. The film never went anywhere at all. She then hears the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi telling her that these are her final steps and telling her to rise and take them. While the droids mingle with the orbaks, Poe and the others repair the Falcon with the help of Jannah. Realizing the Resistance's plan to attack the navigation tower, Pryde orders his First Order officers to switch the navigation source to the Steadfast, saying that they will guide the Sith fleet out themselves. While the First Order continues to ravage the galaxy, Rey finalizes her training as a Jedi. As Finn prepares for the action and heads to the gunner cockpit, Boolio tells him to win the war before heading off. [142] Adam Driver, Greg Grunberg and Mark Hamill each held Omaze fundraisers for which winners could attend the film's U.S. premiere,[143][144][145] which was held on December 16. R2-D2 reminds him that the mission has already occurred. J.J. Abrams Will Try, Star Wars' Kathleen Kennedy on the Long Road to Ending the Skywalkers' Story, 'Star Wars' Director Drama: How J.J. Abrams Jilted Paramount for 'Episode IX', J.J. Abrams Pitched the 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Story Today, Watch Stephen Colbert and J.J. 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A local asks her name and, seeing spirits of Luke and Leia look on, Rey gives her name as "Rey Skywalker". "[49] He thought of the core characters as analogous to children of revolutionaries who fought in the War of 1812. The voice of Qui-Gon Jinn tells Rey that every Jedi who has ever lived lives in her. Still reeling from the loss of Chewbacca, the heroes argue about finding another way to get the job done, but in an act of self-sacrifice C-3PO voluntarily consent to the modifications, knowing that he will be lost in the act. [22] With cinematographer John Schwartzman, Trevorrow planned to shoot on 65 mm film, and wanted to capture some footage in actual outer space. Meanwhile, Allegiant General Pryde informs Kylo Ren that the Knights of Ren have tracked the "scavenger," which Admiral Frantis Griss identifies as a settlement called Kijimi. J.J. Abrams & Kelly Marie Tran At SWCC 2019 | The Star Wars Show Live! [86][87] Ridley performed the majority of her character's stunts herself. Timeline Ren allows the Jedi and her allies to escape in Ochi's vessel, as his own troops have captured the Falcon. They land at Luke's coordinates and arrive at the Aki-Aki Festival of the Ancestors. "[61], Lucasfilm dispelled rumors that it would digitally recreate Fisher in future films. Despite their differences, Poe tells Rey that she is the "best fighter" in the Resistance and thinks that she should be helping them in the war against the First Order rather than training on Ajan Kloss.