When she is awake, she gives her advice on how to proceed. A secret underground civilization composed of the remnants of Agartha, known as Those Who Slither in the Dark, used Sothis's vulnerability to their advantage. The copyright of the contents on this site is on the Owwya.com and Owwya Youtube Channel. My interests include Nintendo (especially Smash Bros and Three Houses), cartoons, and stomach growling/hunger! According to Sharena, Sothis is a mysterious girl who sits on a throne within dreams. Rhea's later attempts involved creating a human vessel implanted with Sothis's Crest Stone in the hopes that Sothis could use them as a means to revive herself within them. We will most likely remove the ability to leave comments on certain pages of the site in the future, for exceptional cases like this. Her unique special Sirius boosts he damage by 30% based on her Spd stat and also recovers 30% of the damage she dealt, giving her solid damage and recovery when it activates. Rhea, having seen Byleth with her mother's power, requests that they sit on Sothis's throne in the Holy Tomb in hopes that Sothis' mind would also merge with Byleth's. It also packs Distant Counter for good measure, allowing her to retaliate against strong ranged options while also exploiting their lower defensive stat. While Legendary Marth does not deal effective damage, the Binding Shield prevents her from attacking. 1250+ Pondering Byleth's fate, the two realize that Sothis can not only pause time, but also rewind it, granting Byleth a second chance to redo their rescue, this time disarming Kostas. The war resulted in massive bloodshed and Sothis exhausting her power to restore the land, taking place over centuries. On the continent of Fódlan, divided between three rival nations, a newly hired professor at Garreg Mach Monastery must choose a nation to support and guide just as a conspiracy begins to reopen Fódlan's dark and violent past. However, to her surprise, nothing happens as Sothis' mind had, in Rhea's words, already "vanished" from Byleth. She is a potent offensive unit who can be terrifying to face and immensely useful on the other hand. Byleth's sixth alternate costume directly references to Sothis, while Byleth's form when merged with Sothis is referenced in Byleth's seventh and eighth alternate costume. Affiliations Euphonium as Kumiko … Instead of giving him her powers, she uses an invitation for Smash to escape the void. Rhea is one of the characters who can have S-Supports with both a male and a female Byleth. She scolds Byleth’s reckless behavior. Nationality Determined by Player At this point, the player will set his or her gender, name, and date of birth. Despite appearing purely as an NPC, Sothis is coded in Three Houses with a fully functioning battle model, unique battle dialogue lines, and critical cut-ins. Class is in session and it's time to test the cast of FE3H's evasion! Age She is known for voicing Saki Mikajima in Durarara! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game images and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective companies, publishers and its licensors. !, Kirigaya Suguha in Sword Art Online and Taiga Aisaka in Toradora!. Goddess of Fódlan Unfortunately, because she is a Dark Mythic Hero, she is not suited for offensive Aether Raids as using her incurs a score penalty. Sothis is the progenitor god of the continent of Fódlan in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Fire Emblem Three Houses Sothis – Character Profile, Voice Actor This page features Sothis : Fire Emblem Three Houses character database. Cassandra Lee Morris Jeralt bore the Crest of Seiros due to Rhea transfusing her blood into him when he took a mortal blow meant for her. In the times she is awake, she offers commentary and questions the state of things, providing advice to Byleth on how to proceed. May contain spoilers Seiros (Daughter)Cichol (Descendant)Indech (Descendant)Macuil (Descendant)Cethleann (Descendant) She will grant the player’s entire force a temporary +7 buff to resistance. Rhea shares her Japanese voice actor, Kikuko Inoue, with Deirdre in Heroes. Surprisingly, no matter what birthday the player chooses, she says that her birthday is same as the player’s. She was buried at Garreg Mach Monastery. Also, she grants Byleth the ability to use her time manipulation power called ‘Divine Pulse’. Sothis is a mysterious individual, appearing as a young girl, though only to Byleth in dreams, whom she seems to have a special connection to. In the game, she acts as a helper for the main character. Game Nabatean ・List of Source Heroes ・The Top Source Heroes. Sothis merely requires Reposition (or any desired assist skill) to complete her kit as the unit position of the skill is the standard. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Blue close range units who can either bypass her speed tier and/or survive her magic based attacks are the best options. Sothis appears only in the mind of the main character, so others cannot see her. Sothis is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In the process, she founded the Adrestian Empire and the Church of Seiros, the latter devoted to the worship of Sothis. Sothis does, however, appear in battle when Byleth uses the Sothis Shield. Sothis English Voice Actress - Cassandra Lee Morris Cassandra Lee Morris also voiced Fire Emblem Heroes' Julia and Clarisse. Still in despair from the death of her mother, Rhea desired to revive her mother to recover what she had lost. Morgana (Persona 5), Sothis (Fire Emblem 3 Houses), Fie (ToCS), Taiga (Toradora), Leafa (SAO),Elora … She can form an S-Support with both genders of Byleth. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Character Figures, Three Houses Extra Drama CD: An Officer’s Academy Sleuthing Story, Fire Emblem Heroes: Mini Acrylic Figure Collection, Sounds of Fire Emblem from Cipher Caravan – Horse and Rider as One, Sounds of Fire Emblem from Cipher Caravan – Galeforce, https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Sothis?oldid=579144, Sothis shares her English voice actor, Cassandra Lee Morris, with, Despite appearing purely as an NPC, Sothis is coded in. Sothis appears in Super Smash Bros. Though they are able to severely wound her, Solon appears and sacrifices her to send Byleth into a void. Unlike other characters in-game, Sothis only has one support rank being the S-Support. I actually LOVED Cassandra and Robbie's voicework for both Hunter and Elora and hearing their voices was fun. How to Get Sothis / Illustrations / Voice Actor / Quotes How to Get Sothis Finally Threaten Attack Resistance inflicts Atk/Res -5 on enemies within two spaces while also boosting her Atk/Res by 5 if there is an enemy within two spaces of herself. This is the ability that Byleth can use only in New Game +. However, as a powerful Dark Mystic Hero that can be used in Aether Raids, we recommend keeping at least one Sothis before foddering off any duplicates. Voiced most times by Cassandra Lee Morris, Tomoyo Kurosawa. Sothis is a mysterious character from Fire Emblem Three Houses that only Byleth can communicate with. However, despite her appearance, she speaks and acts as if she is a grandmother. Fire Emblem: Three HousesFire Emblem Heroes 2. Are you prepared to pay for it? Sothis' artwork shows her with the Sword of the Creator. The first voiced Fire Emblem project was its anime, based on the events of Mystery of the Emblem, and since then, games have included voice acting, with some even being fully voiced. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Cassandra Lee Morris (born April 19, 1982) is an American voice actress.Having started her career as a teenage program host for an educational video series called Real World Science, she worked as a journalist in New York City and Los Angeles writing for local newspapers and programs as well as numerous fashion and style blogs such as About.com, David's Bridal and Patch.com. Needing to recover, she rested in the Holy Tomb, while the remaining Agarthans went underground. A unique battle command, they can use it once per battle. Her blessings were soon abused by the people of Fódlan, more specifically the people of a civilization named Agartha, leading to countless, pointless wars and even attempted to kill Sothis herself, seeing themselves as gods. Sothis shares her English voice actor, Cassandra Lee Morris, with Julia and Clarisse from Fire Emblem Heroes. Before chapter 10, she does not remember who she is as her memory is lost. Sothis' appearance in Byleth's final Smash, Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven. We assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law. This page was last edited on 22 June 2019, at 05:01. Ultimate during Byleth's reveal trailer. She is a mysterious girl that only Byleth can communicate with. The same sigil is shown to be use for all forms of magic save for Dark Magic. The effect lasts three turns, decreasing in power each turn. When Byleth saw her for the first time, she was sleeping on a stone throne. Finally, the weapon is at its strongest so long as she is over 50% health as she gains a +5 boost to her four core stats during combat as long as she fulfills this requirement. This would imply that Sothis had already died prior to Nemesis breaking into the Holy Tomb. The union of Sitri and Jeralt resulted in a child, Byleth, who was born without a heartbeat. Subsequently, Byleth wakes up from a dream and, with Jeralt, helps the students(Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude) who were attacked by bandits. Go inside a voiceover recording session for Persona 5 with me, Morgana! The BeginningProgenitor GodFell Star All rights reserved. Sothis Sothis's base kit focused mainly on offense with Atk/Spd Solo to boost her two key stats when isolated from her allies, Wrath to quickly charge her special when injured, and her new Time's Pulse grants a special cooldown -1 effect if her special was charged at the beginning of the turn. Her first and subsequent attempts never manifested Sothis's consciousness, leading to several centuries passing, each time failing to produce a proper host for her mother's soul. Howdy! Rhea, the only survivor of the massacre, enraged and grief-stricken by the slaughter of her people and the theft of her mother, took on the name of Seiros and waged war against the King of Liberation to avenge her family and reclaim Sothis's remains. Despite her youthful appearance, Sothis speaks and acts as though she were a grandmother. Special Fighter accelerates her special cooldown while slowing her enemies so long as her HP is 50% or more. With Yûsuke Kobayashi, Shizuka Itô, Ai Kakuma, Kaito Ishikawa. She is a Green armored dragon with perhaps one of the strongest statline distributions with an incredible 51 Neutral Atk and 44 Spd with her weapon. Ultimate (Video Game) - Behind The Voice Actors LOGIN Tomoyo Kurosawa Relatives Sirius represents invasion and conquest. Her only notable weakness is her Armor status, which leaves her vulnerable to Armor slaying weapon users like Tobin or Hana who also have color advantage and can exploit her lower Def. She berates Byleth for their recklessness but is suddenly shocked by the fact that she is now able to remember her name. For good measure, she gains +3 Spd to bring her to the aforementioned 44 neutral Spd. She also retains her unique special Sirius which boost her Atk by 30% of her Spd (thus a base 15 true damage with her neutral Spd and weapon in effect) and also heals her for 30% of the damage she dealt. She looks like a very young cute girl. Sothis expended most of her energy to … Through Smash, show the world!”, (*) indicates a Hero that is currently only available as a Special Hero, (†) indicates a Hero that is obtained via Grand Hero Battles. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! She is frustrated at her inability to recall her past. 1. Voice actor for video games & anime! She’s open with her emotions and is very expressive. © 2019-2020 OwwYa.com. ", “Your will and mine be now as one! Dazzling Staff/Wrathful Staff can also help to chip her down or if they attack an enemy within two spaces of her, using the two staffs with Savage Blow to chip away 14 of her health per attack. By sheer coincidence, the two share the same birthday. Eventually, the Agarthans became greedy and arrogant and attempted to wage war against Sothis and the Nabateans, only to nearly destroy themselves and the continent. Later, she rewinds time for Byleth, which helped Byleth get out of danger. One of her final children, Rhea, was born just as she finished restoring Fódlan. Duration time : 3 turns(Decreasing in power each turn. Many years before the start of the game, Sothis arrived in Fódlan and created her children, the Nabateans, as well as gifting the humans who already lived on the continent, the Agarthans, with great power and technology. She descended upon Fódlan several thousand years in the past and took on a human form to live among the people. Video Game: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Franchise: Fire Emblem Being a compatible vessel for Sothis, Byleth would occasionally see her in their dreams while growing up. However, she quickly falls back asleep and the dream ends. As the game goes on, she provides ad… Voice Cast List [edit | edit source] Character Japanese English Corrin (Male) Nobunaga Shimazaki Cam Clarke/Yuri Lowenthal Corrin (Female) Satomi Sato Danielle Judovits/Stephanie Lemelin/Marcella Lentz-Pope A feature available only in New Game+, Byleth can acquire the Sothis Shield. Residence This serves as an excellent damage boost and heal in one package, making it further difficult to engage her safely without restoring her back to health. It's not a big deal at all though. Sothis cheers on Byleth as they enter Smash, vowing to lend her power. Just recording the crit quotes and at least one level up quote for these unplayable NPCs. I'm a budding artist and voice actor who specializes in cartoon-style drawings! Legendary Marth does not have dragon effectiveness as normal, but he has Binding Shield, neutralizing her ability to attack or perform follow-up attacks depending on who initiates battle. 1 Stats 1.1 Level 1 stats 1.2 Level 40 stats 1.3 Growth Rates 1.4 Stats between level 1 and 40 2 Skills 2.1 Weapons 2.2 Assists 2.3 Specials 2.4 Passives All stats have a degree of variation. 1. Prologue : An Inevitable Encounter Female The scenario is a spoof of Where the Goddess Dwells where Solon captures male Byleth in the void. Her Res is excellent as is her HP and while her Def is mediocre at best, it is still workable overall. Directed by Toshiyuki Kusakihara, Genki Yokota, Takashi Sano. Just as Kostas's axe is about to strike Byleth, time suddenly stops as Sothis uses her power to freeze time. Sothis is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards: Sothis is the Greek name of the Egyptian goddess Sopdet, who is the personification of the star Sirius. Many voice actors and voice directors have played in a part in building a character's personality by contributing voices for them. They convinced a lowly bandit, Nemesis, to raid the Holy Tomb and steal Sothis's remains. Nemesis subsequently slaughtered many of the remaining Nabateans at Zanado using the sword, and Those Who Slither in the Dark used their blood and bones to create Crests and Heroes' Relics for at least eleven of Nemesis's allies. Unable to escape, Sothis bestows her full power onto Byleth by merging with them, fusing their souls. Shortly after this dream, Byleth—alongside their father Jeralt—are asked by three young students to help them repel some bandits. 2. Sothis Voice - Super Smash Bros. Rhea was able to kill Nemesis and reclaim both Sothis's Crest Stone and the Sword of the Creator from him. Tomoyo Kurosawa (黒沢 ともよ, Kurosawa Tomoyo, born April 10, 1996) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer from Chichibu, Saitama.Her major voice acting roles in anime are in Yuki Yuna Is a Hero as Itsuki Inubozaki, Sound! Gender I'm Sothis. Sothis is one of the characters who can have S-Supports with both a male and a female Byleth. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to give me some support/drawing requests! How to Get Winter Sothis / Illustrations / Voice Actor / Quotes Individual: The chance for a randomly selected orb to be a certain color. 4. ⓒ Owwya.com. And they had much more experience with voicework thanks to Persona 5, which you can tell just by hearing how skilled they are. 3. She first appeared in the Byleth dream. She possesses a major Crest of Flames. I think part of what throws people off is that she talks so much like Sothis, and with Qrow treating her like a little kid it took a while for me to stop hearing Sothis' voice actor and picturing her as young Sothis in my head. W!Sothis can be used to inherit Distant Counter and Special Fighter. Source : © 2019 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Co-developed by KOEI TECMO CO, LTD. Fire Emblem and Nintendo is a trademark of Nintendo. None: Chance for no orbs of this color to show up in a summoning session. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Japanese Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Even in the Crimson Flower route where Byleth loses the Crest of Flames, Sothis states that she no longer requires it as she is bound directly to their soul. Some time after her death, Jeralt left the Knights of Seiros, taking his newborn child with him to travel Fódlan, becoming a mercenary in the process and starting his own mercenary company.During Byleth's childhood, Jeralt shared little information about the world, the … Byleth blocks that attack to save Edelgard. 4. Distant Counter allows her to counterattack ranged enemies, cementing her ability to effectively check or threaten just about any unit in game. The following includes a information of Sothis’s Profile, background, Voice actor, Birthday etc . Notice : All images in this page is copyrighted. In truth, Sothis is the consciousness of the Goddess, thus is in many ways the Goddess herself. She is susceptible to Resistance based Ploys as well as Panic Ploy since she has average HP. sothis Feb 19, 2019 For the sake of maintaining the inclusive and friendly community we have here, any inflammatory comments (on either side) on this page will be deleted. However, despite being a passenger within Byleth, she sees herself as above them, and sharply admonishes them when they respond to her with comments she deems foolish. 1 Stats 1.1 Level 1 stats 1.2 Level 40 stats 1.3 Growth Rates 1.4 Stats between level 1 and 40 2 Skills 2.1 Weapons 2.2 Assists 2.3 Specials 2.4 Passives All stats have a degree of variation. Hometown Ultimate (Video Game). Firesweep Weapons can attack her in similar fashion without fearing retaliation. Deity When Kostas’s axe tries to hit Byleth, suddenly the time stops and Sothis reappears. Fire Emblem Three Houses Sothis – Character Profile, Voice Actor, This page features Sothis : Fire Emblem Three Houses character database. Finally Dazzling Staff/Wrathful Staff combo users can also achieve this same effect. While most are dispatched, the leader, Kostas, manages to ambush Edelgard, and Byleth leaps between the two. Read more information about the character Sothis from Fire Emblem Heroes: Eiyuu-tachi no Nichijou? In the aftermath of Jeralt's death, Byleth seeks revenge against his murderer Kronya. ). Sothis meets Byleth for the first time in the prologue, asking them their form, name, and birthday. These are not accessible normally except via hacking. Sothis first appears before Byleth in a dream, asking for their name and birthdate. It is prohibited to use, store, reproduce, display, modify, transmit or distribute the data contained in this website without the explicit prior written permission. I'll do 'em when I can! Owwya.com is not affiliated with the game companies, publishers and its licensors. When Byleth points out she said she could no longer speak to them, Sothis only replies that she also said they would always be together, and that she decided to come back to them in this way because Byleth was lonely. Birthday English Sothis Her descendants would help pave a future for Fódlan of great technological and societal advancement. The orb color distribution table displays the chances for a certain orb color to appear. All rights reserved. First Seen They can both be inherited at the same time, however, as a rare Special Hero, think carefully about whther or not it is worth it before foddering off your W!Sothis. Occupation(s) She demands a certain level of respect despite the fact that she is ultimately powerless on her own as she must use Byleth as a means to interact with the outside world, albeit in a limited manner. You'll see a lot of that here. Part of Sothis' magic sigil depicts the Jewish. The extraordinary circumstances behind Byleth's conception lead to them being the perfect vessel for Sothis. This section has been marked as a stub.Please help improve the page by adding information. Name (JP) Her Spd is among the best in the game, especially with an Asset, allowing her to easily prevent follow-up attacks and execute them herself against key match-ups as well as a respectable base 34 Atk for solid offense all around. Rhea was deeply distressed by Byleth's apparent death, and it would be 20 years before she would see Jeralt and Byleth again. To you, both sides of time are revealed! Sothis can form a support with Byleth only. Though still unseen by the rest of the world, Sothis happily declares her love for Byleth and plans to spend the rest of eternity with them. Sothis does, however, appear in battle when Byleth uses the Sothis Shield. Sitri fell in love with the Knights of Seiros captain, Jeralt and the two were married and expecting a child. ソティス Sothis can be Byleth's lifelong partner should they choose her prior to the final battle of all four routes. Race She does not remember much about her origins, save the fact that the Red Canyon was once her home. Snow's Grace automatically neutralizes her Dragon status, allowing her to fully exploit her breath's adaptive damage against ranged units without suffering from dragon slaying weapons. Sothis continues with Byleth, speaking directly to them telepathically, unseen by the rest of the world. All intellectual property rights are reserved by this website. The following section contains spoilers, viewing it will cost a lot. Effect : Byleth call upon Sothis. 3. List of Source Heroes The Top Source Heroes. Born to Jeralt and his wife on the 20th of the Horsebow Moon 1159, Byleth lost their mother shortly after their birth. The following is a list of all Stats that she has. ", which transforms their hair color similar to how it is when the two merge. Sothis also appears as a Legendary Spirit as part of the Three Houses DLC spirits added to the game. It includes Stats, Growth rates, Skills, and more. Biological Information Rhea's first attempt to revive Sothis using the Chalice of Beginnings and the blood of the Four Apostles resulted in the creation of an Umbral Beast, with the Apostles going into isolation shortly after. Nonetheless, for defensive Aether Raid teams or general Arena Teams, Sothis sits at the top as a powerful asset with no particular weakness in any of her stats other than middling defensive stats, but her weapon and skills solve this. When used, Byleth will call upon Sothis, who will grant the player's entire force a temporary +7 buff to Resistance. Their leader Kostas raids Edelgard while players kill most bandits. Name (Localized) Sublime Surge negates "effective against dragon" weapon effect, thus neutralizing common anti-dragon threats like Marth, Lucina, Alm, and Legendary Tiki, covering what would have been her one glaring weakness. All: The chance for all orbs to be a certain color. Guard and Special Fighter are the best skills to slow down her offense as she does rely on Sirius to cause as much damage as possible. The following is a list of voice actors and actresses for both the English and Japanese versions of Fire Emblem Fates. “Well then, it's up to me to guide you from now on, right?”, "Just a minute! She also grants them the usage of her time manipulation power which she calls Divine Pulse.