The Colorado River basin watershed encompasses an area of approximately 9,830 square miles (Figure 10-06-01). Its major headstreams, the Grande and Barrancas rivers, flow southward from the eastern flanks of the Andes and meet north of Buta Ranquil to form the Colorado. The Colorado River is a very large river located in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.The states it runs through include Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Baja California and Sonora. In the U.S., the hydrologic basin includes parts of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, and supports: The Rio Grande basin within Colorado is located in south-central Colorado and encompasses approximately 7,500 square miles (U.S. Department of Agriculture 1978). As of early 2001, there were approximately 1,370 alluvial wells of record in the Colorado River basin. One-stop-shop for fishing and boating locations in Colorado. Colorado River, river in south-central Argentina. This area is an amazing riparian ecosystem that nourishes much of Colorado’s western slope from wildlife habitat’s, recreation (rafting, fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, photography, hunting, ATV’s, and more), agriculture, petroleum production, education, and etc. The Colorado River serves as a lifeline in the arid Western United States. Along its length are expansive canyon walled lakes, cascading whitewater, peaceful flows through wildlife refuges and, of … Utah is part of the Upper Basin, along with Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. Colorado River Headwaters Scenic Byway - Travel alongside the roaring Colorado River on this 80-mile byway from Grand Lake to State Bridge, Colorado. miles is also famous for its lakes and other water bodies. The river comes to an end just south of the multicolored patchwork of farmlands in the northwestern corner of the image and then fans out at the base of the Sierra de Juarez Mountains. Go back to see more maps of Colorado U.S. Maps The Lower Basin includes Arizona, Nevada and California. The Colorado River, Arkansas River, Rio Grande and South Platte River are a few rivers that make Colorado State rich and fertile. A new study shows that the Colorado River -- the most important river in the American West -- has seen its flow shrink by 20 percent compared to the … It drains a scenic area of the eastern San Juan Mountains west of the San Luis Valley. It graces 7 states, 2 countries, and 9 national parks, nourishing the lives of 36 million people and endangered wildlife. The most famous of these is the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway U-128 Potash Road Scenic Byway U-279 Dead Horse Point Mesa Scenic Byway U-313 La Sal Loop Kane Creek Things to Do Favorite Hikes Best Moab Tours Top-Rated Restaurants Moab Giants Dinosaur Park Aquatics & Rec Center Entertainment Golfing City Parks Shopping Health & Spa Moab with Kids Conejos River The Conejos River is a tributary of the Rio Grande, approximately 92.5 miles long, in south-central Colorado in the United States. These are centered around four major lakes created by dams along the river: … The Colorado River Board represents the State of California and its Members in discussions and negotiations with the Colorado River Basin States, federal, state and local governmental agencies and Mexico regarding the management of the Colorado River. In Laughlin, the river also offers a wide spectrum of recreational activities. The confluence of the Colorado and San Juan Rivers is also visible. Beginning in the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado, it moves southwest ending in the Gulf of California. The Colorado River Basin Map is complemented by the Layperson’s Guide to the Colorado River, which describes the history of the river, division of its water and current issues. The Colorado River supplies all sorts of recreational opportunities to residents and visitors to the desert southwest. The point where the Arikaree River flows out of Yuma County, Colorado, and into Cheyenne County, Kansas, is the lowest point in Colorado at 3,317 feet (1,011 m) elevation. Board Meetings. This map shows cities, towns, highways, roads, rivers, lakes, national parks, national forests, state parks and monuments in Colorado. As you can see in this map, the Colorado River’s watershed is huge, including almost 15% of Texas. Flessa said Wednesday that the next stretch of river … The Colorado River can be seen in dark blue at the topmost central part of this image. The river flows generally east-southeastward across the arid terrain of northern The Colorado River Basin was divided into the Upper and Lower basins in the Colorado River Compact of 1922. Colorado Rivers Fishing Map. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. The Colorado River is an 862-mile (1,387 km) long river in the U.S. state of Texas. Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 1,000 meters elevation. This map from the Bureau of Reclamation shows the rate at which the water from the dam has moved down the Colorado, beginning in March. View River Information and Learn Classifications and Conditions. Colorado River Lakes Water Levels & Temperatures December 2020. Colorado River is one of the major North American rivers which originates from the Rocky Mountains and flows for 1,450 miles to the Gulf of California. Colorado Rivers Shown on the Map: Animas River, Apishapa River, Arikaree River, Arkansas River, Beaver Creek, Big Sandy Creek, Blue River, Box Elder Creek, Cache la Poudre River, Cherry Creek, Colorado River, Dolores River, Gunnison River, Huerfano River, Laramie River, Little Snake River, Mancos River, North Platte River, Platte River, Purgatoire River, Rio Grande, Rush Creek, San … Your trip begins at Lee's Ferry (Mile 0) and concludes at Whitmore Wash (Mile 188). The Colorado River Basin stretches through two countries, the United States and Mexico, and is an important water supply source for humans and nature. It is (1,450 miles) (2,333 km) in length, and has formed numerous canyons along its winding path. Colorado River. Map. Our 6 or 7 Day Grand Canyon Expedition covers the first 188 miles of the Grand Canyon. Over 238,600 sq miles of its drainage basin is in the United States.It has one of the most developed river systems in the world. The Colorado River is a river that runs through the U.S. state of Texas. We rafted the river from the Glen Canyon dam to Lees Ferry. The Colorado River flows 1,450 mi (2,330 km) from its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado south into Mexico, where it empties into the Gulf of California.It is a major and, in some cases, life-sustaining source of water for irrigation, drinking, and other uses … U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s 1974 map of the Colorado River Until 2012, the United States’ management of the Colorado River was based on exactly this view: whatever happened to the Colorado once it entered Mexico was beyond U.S. jurisdiction, and thus was excluded from consideration in river management. Don't miss Three Lakes Reservoir, fishing on the river's Gold Medal Waters near Kremmling and soaking in the therapeutic Hot Sulphur Springs. Coursing more than a thousand miles from the Rockies to the Sea of Cortez, the mighty Colorado River provides irrigation, public water and hydroelectric power to parts of California, Nevada and Arizona. Interactive Map of 27 Colorado Rivers to take a Day or Overnight Rafting or Kayaking Trip. The basin defines Water Division 5 with the divisional office in Glenwood Springs. The Colorado River, dammed to form Lake Powell in 1963, crosses from east to west (which is left to right here because the astronaut was looking south; north is towards the bottom of the image). It is the 18th longest river in the United States and the longest river with both its source and its mouth within Texas. Hundreds of rivers and lakes mapped, color coded for recent conditions. With more than 500 miles of the Colorado River either running through the state or forming its border, the Colorado River is a major part of Arizona. This landlocked US State with a total land area of 103,730 sq. The primary feature of the basin is an open, almost treeless, relatively flat valley floor (known as … (A river’s “watershed” or “basin” is all the land that drains into that river.) The trip takes about four hours and takes you through magnificent scenery … This page shows the elevation/altitude information of Colorado River, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude. The river drains an area of about 246,000 sq miles in 2 Mexican states and 7 US states. Its drainage basin and some of its usually dry tributaries extend into New Mexico. Enjoy boating, water skiing, jet skiing and fishing or a refreshing dip in the brisk water. This tool allows you to look up elevation data by searching address or clicking on a live google map. For the bold and brave the Colorado can be rafted through the Grand Canyon, but with age a quieter passage may be preferred. Map of Upper Colorado River Watershed . You can get a package discount on the map and guide when you buy the Colorado River bundle. Grand Canyon River Map » Upper Colorado River. It is approximately 1,450 miles (2,334 km) in length and it drains an area of about 246,000 square miles (637,000 sq km). The Colorado River is the 18th longest river in the United States[4] and the longest river with both its source and mouth within Texas; its drainage basin and some of its usually dry tributaries extend into New Mexico.