Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vitani (The Lion King)/Original Character(s) Vitani (The Lion King) Nala (The Lion King) Original Characters; Mother-Daughter Relationship; Lion King (1994) References; Movie: The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride; Summary. Ax-Crazy: Played with. She is very confident, though it may come across as slightly being cocky. The Lion King Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. They are bordered by dark eye rims, like her brother Nuka. Vitani prepares to light the sticks Vitani annoyed Vitani rolling her eyes at Nuka Vitani in The Elephant Graveyard Vitani watching Kovu's progress Vitani … "It'll be okay, Tani." Facebook Youtube Pin Interest Instagram Toggle navigation DrawingTutorials101.com Her son Revan, the first of her litter, takes after her in several ways, including fur and eye color. Kiara exchanged a glance with Nala, before following them. Sometime in between the events of The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Vitani, along with the rest of the Outsiders, was banished from the Pride Lands, for supporting Scar. Rafiki took a deep breath and curled one palm over Nita's tail, close to the tip. She appears unimpressed by her older brother, Nuka, when he tries to attack someone.Unlike her sister-in-law that disobey her father not to go to Outlands, Vitani is obediant to her parents. Let's get her home" Kora said, crouching down. Read Episode 7 - Vitani from the story The Lion Guard - Season 4 by JoshuaCrawford3 (Joshua Crawford) with 456 reads. She'd been watching Nita play baobab ball with Kenai and Belee. She is very confident, though may come across as slightly cocky. Kion was spending time with his family at the Meadow. Vitani soothed. Each member is bestowed a marking upon their shoulder in the shape of a lion's head. Upon joining Simba's pride, Vitani becomes the leader of her own formed Lion Guard, and is devot… "Kion, hold her hindquarters steady" Rafiki ordered. Vitani is a slim lioness like her mother, but more creamy colors versus tan. Her violent nature has no doubt grown steadily worse, as she seems to take great enjoyment in fighting and chasing Simba during the ambush, grinning maniacally throughout the chase. Kasi dislikes Vitani and Vitani dislikes Kasi (even if they were supposes to be friends). "Kenai, Belee, go home" Kion said softly. She is an Outsider lioness, and later a Pridelander. She had been recently embarrassed by how the Lion Guard failed to protect the Oryx from hyenas, and wanted revenge. Kion left Nala's side, and curled his paws around Nita's flank. She chooses Tazama as the keenest of sight of her Guard. The Atoner: While not explicitly stated, it is very heavily implied that the reason they became the Lion Guard is to make up for believing Zira's lies that the Pride Landers were evil. Her eyes are blue. Her nose is pink, unlike her mother and brothers, and her tail tuft is dusty brown. The Lion Guard: The Pride of the Pridelands Wiki, https://tlg-remake.fandom.com/wiki/Vitani?oldid=199. The leader is bestowed with the Roar of the Elders, which helps them in battle. His egotism could be a de… Amazon Brigade: Since Zira's pride was mainly composed of lionesses, Vitani's Lion Guard is made up of Vitani and her lionness friends. Kionis also obediant as well. Contents[show] Films & Television The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Teenage Nuka and Young Vitani arguing Young Vitani laughing "One day when you're big and strong..." "Testify!" Vitani was born to Zira and to either Scar or an unknown lion. "Put her on my back, Simba. Vitani is Zira's daughter and Kovu and Nuka's sister. "Is there anything she can take for pain?" He gently traced the outline of Nita's body with his palms, feeling for broken bones. They are more or less in good terms after the duel. Name. With Kion holding the haunches steady, Rafiki began to twist the tail. That was proof that she was ready to lead the Lion Guard." She became the leader of The Lion Guard. Kion was … Lion Affiliations. Kopa answered. He first ap… Kopa asked. "Darling one, it's all right." His paws, underbelly, and muzzle are a beige color, and his underbelly doesn't extend up over his neck. Not long after the prides merge, Kion 's Lion Guard enters the Outlands. Suddenly the tail relaxed in his palm, and Nita gave a small sigh. His forelegs have tufts of dark brown fur emerging from them. She has earrings as a young adult but lacks them as a cub. Vitani is a laid back and confident lioness who doesn't leap into battle unless it is necessary, though she responds fiercely when confronted. Vitani Gender. Vitani has freckles, permanently extended claws, and is a notch less angular than her mother. "She'll need to rest for two days, don't let her out of her nest" Rafiki said.