Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. Please take our 3-minute survey, Our shopping guide includes the advantages of these units, a list of considerations to note when shopping, and features to look for when browsing different models. The QCA Cordoba Spa is a great value 2 person oval hot tub that is easily installed thanks to the plug & play setup and is very easy in maintenance.. The soothing sound of a waterfall is also a great way to promote relaxation. There are three different styles of seating which means that you can sit where you are the most comfortable while you relax and unwind from a hard day of work. May add $40 or more to your electric bill, especially if used throughout cooler months. The 110-amp motor is extremely powerful and durable. Additional pumps with higher horsepower allow water to flow faster to the jets, providing a stronger therapeutic massage. It … Affordable option with comfortable, contoured detail that seats five people comfortably. 30 jets make it ideal for relaxing tired muscles. In general, plug and play hot tubs will have less jet power and a lower jet count than 240v spas. All 16 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets can be easily adjusted, and a soft cascading waterfall, perimeter LED lighting, and MP3 audio system with pop-up speakers ensure a soothing spa experience. See below for our selection of plug and play hot tubs. But if you’re looking for a basic hot tub at an affordable price, this disadvantage can easily be turned into a benefit for you. The Kelowna™ spa is sure to blow you away with its 21 well positioned jets, and deep seating for four. Lower cost: Plug-and-play hot tubs are cheaper overall and don’t come with the expensive installation costs of traditional hot tubs.Â. Our line of plug-n-play spas come from trusted brands like Hot Spring, Bullfrog, and Viking, each designed to fit most spaces. If you want a full-body massage, look for a tub with jets along the entire seating area, from top to bottom. Home / Products / Kelowna SF Plug & Play 20-Jet 4-Person Spa. There are several reasons why you might choose a plug-and-play model over a regular hot tub, and a few disadvantages. Choose a hot tub with controllable LED lights. The comfort dial permits you to balance of air and water. Lightning and water definitely don’t mix. In fact, plug and play spas are on the lower end of the cost/unit spectrum. How much is a plug and play hot tub? Choose your local Watson's to see the products available in your area. The Lifesmart Bermuda (LS100) 4-Person 13-Jet Plug and Play Spa is an excellent addition to your backyard. Our line of plug-n-play spas come from trusted brands like Hot Spring, Bullfrog, and Viking, each designed to fit most spaces. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Reliable water filtration and purification system. Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa. Stylish in their design,and powerful in their performance, the Sundance Plug N' Play models will be a wonderful addition to any backyard project. On a plug and play spa, the heater is convertible to 240v by removing a white wire and switching a dipswitch on the circuit board. Easy to install: No electrician is needed for setup because a plug-and-play hot tub comes with a standard 110-volt plug. Our goal is to help you find the right plug-and-play hot tub for your needs by providing you with the most pertinent information. Looking for a way to relax, unwind, and forget about the day’s stress? Considering one of our plug in hot tubs? SPAS & HOT TUBS, Unwind With An Arcade Game Yes. Plug and play hot tubs have become extremely popular over the last couple of years as they have eliminated a common barrier to entry for hot tub ownership….the 220v electrical hookup. If you have neighbors nearby, a noisy spa won’t be acceptable for nighttime use. Some appliances can’t be used with extension cords, so make sure the hot tub you select has a cord long enough to reach from the location you want to put it to the outlet. As budget-friendly as you can get when it comes to plug and play hot tubs, but the look isn't for everyone. Of course the LifeSmart hot tub range does have a higher premium to pay when compared to the top end of the inflatable market, but what is on offer here is a portable plug and play tub with a … Fun for everyone and is a 10 Amp plug and play. Simply fill with water, plug into a standard outlet, and spa the day away. The water’s pH levels need to be monitored at least once a week. Most plug-and-play hot tubs have an inner plastic liner, but you can choose a frame made of wood or composite. This is the perfect set up for a fun hot tub party in your backyard. Finally, a real spa, with real therapeutic benefits at a price that is equally relaxing. What Kind of Power Do You Need for a Hot Tub? If you plan on drinking beverages in your plug-and-play hot tub, look for a model with cupholders. Retreat DXL 5-Person Plug and Play Hot Tub. WATSON'S BLOG EXCLUSIVE, Fireplace Care & Education Want even more customization? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Look for a model with adjustable jets that allow you to change the direction and power of the stream. The 16 stainless steel jets provide a fantastic relaxing experience! View spa Download Brochure Request a Quote Visit your local Watson’s superstore, or schedule an appointment with one of our Spa Experts. Just make sure to measure your space before selecting a hot tub to be sure it will fit. Is a storm brewing? Built to last. All 16 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets can be easily adjusted, and a soft cascading waterfall, perimeter LED lighting, and MP3 audio system with pop-up speakers ensure a soothing spa experience. Chill with friends after a summer BBQ or enjoy the heat and warmth on a crisp fall evening. The right plug-and-play spa for you depends on several considerations, such as the number of people using the spa, the space that you have available in your yard, and whether you want any bells and whistles added. An improperly cleaned hot tub is a breeding ground for bacteria. PLUG n' PLAY Fill with water & plug into any standard 120V outlet. Finally – a spa that’s easy and affordable to own! BestReviews wants to be better. The benefit of a plug-and-play hot tub? We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Three jets are on each seat while an added jet is on each of the two ends on this model. If you're hanging out in a tub for a long time, take periodic breaks. This 7 seater spa comes with a high density lockable cover, 2kw Heater, 2 speed / 2.5hp Pump, LED Perimeter Lighting and Ozone. While you can still enjoy all of the basic hydrotherapy benefits of both spas, do note that the jet speed will be a bit weaker with a plug and play spa model. Plug and play hot tubs are just like any other hot tub. A hot tub with a stable edge works well for beer and wine glasses, too. Takes longer to heat: While the installation is easy, you won’t be jumping into the hot water right away. Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet Spa – Keep the Heat Going For a While Hudson Bay takes pride in making its plug and play hot tubs in the United States. Watson's Blog Exclusive, 3 Reasons We Love an Electric Fireplace We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. No plumbing connections are needed either. Plug-and-play hot tubs take a long time to warm up. Portable: No permanent wiring means the hot tub can be moved around your deck, yard, or even to a new home. Here is all you need to know. Pricier units tend to be sturdier and have more features, such as more jets. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — The name says it all. Amazon's Choice for plug and play hot tub Intex 28409E PureSpa 6 Person Home Outdoor Inflatable Portable Heated Round Hot Tub Spa 85-inch x 28-inch with 170 Bubble Jets and Built in Heat Pump, Blue 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,309 There are many benefits to owning a plug and play spa, which is in large part the cause of their soaring popularity. The next best hot tub in my review list is Intex 85in … From design to delivery, we help turn your dream home into reality. A hot tub is the perfect addition to your backyard oasis. If you want to create a patio with a spa-like ambience, lights are a must. A. A hot tub with thick insulation is best for winter soaking. The LS100 Laguna Plug-N-Play 2 Person Spa provides maximal comfort for two people. Never get in a hot tub that looks dirty. Events & Locations For Costco’s Special Events Roadshow If you need some guidance or know exactly what you want, our experts can help you achieve your own personal style. It also prevents curious kids and pets from finding their way into the water unsupervised. High temperatures can have adverse effects on some people. A plug-and-play hot tub is the same as any other hot tub when it comes to maintenance. We know every backyard has its own style. Heating the water to a preferred temperature takes a little time. This type of hot tub is so hugely popular for its easy convenience. Plug n’ Play spas, also known as Plug and Play, are a great option for those looking for hydrotherapy without additional electrical requirements. An outdoor model with seating for 6 people. Strong smells are not normal. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Comes with a one-year warranty. Some reports that user manual and documentation are missing upon delivery. This is because the 110v wiring only allows for 1 hot tub pump instead of 2 or 3. Many models come with a cover. Comes with its own cover, LED lighting, waterfall, and Ozonator. Wipe to clean with mild detergents. These units simply plug in and are ready for use almost right away. The 110V plug-n-play or 220V hot tub includes 22 hydrotherapy jets, 1 kW/4 kW heater, waterfall, and ozonator & LED light. AquaLife Harbor 6 Person 24 Jet Standard Hot Tub Cobblestone With Lounger PLUG and PLAY (5) Model# SS154410300 $ 3599 00. Hello, relaxation and goodbye stress & muscle aches. The compact nature of the hot tub allows for placement in any confined space and the customized lounge seating allows for ultimate comfort. Our plug and play hot tub spas boast some spectacular features, such as digital controls, accessory trays, waterfalls, LED lighting, deep tissue massages, cool down areas, cushion headrests, and impressive amounts of jets. The design on this hot tub comes with fourteen jets laid out along four seats. The Vienna hot tub comes with 1 lounger and 5 seats, with two colour options to choose from: They dominate the market between inflatable tubs and fully built in spas. With a full selection of plug-n-play spas and hot tubs available in a variety of sizes, layouts, and styles to suit every need and budget, hydrotherapy at home has never been easier. A plug and play hot tub is delivered to your door and is pretty much ready to fill, heat and enjoy. Furthermore, plug-and-play models aren’t permanently tethered to one spot with electrical and plumbing connections, making them easier to move around. Create the romantic atmosphere in your porch and add this plug and play spa with 21 jets for two person. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have discovered the benefits of hot tub ownership. There’s no plumbing involved, so you don’t have to worry about your pipes freezing. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. The R5L fits through most doorways for indoor installation and is available in a 120v plug-in option. Make sure that your selected hot tub comes with a good warranty. Everyone will tell you how wonderful this spa is. Buying Guide for Best Plug-and-play Hot Tubs. This plug and play spa features thirteen hydrotherapy jets that provide you a perfect massaging experience. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. A plug-and-play hot tub doesn’t require any special installation, yet it provides the same benefits as a regular model: stress and pain relief, improved sleep, and relaxation. READ THE BUYING GUIDE. Great for the veranda or patio! Couples may opt for a smaller tub to save money or spend a little more for extra room to accommodate guests. Or you can always visit our stores to explore the country's most unique selection of furniture. The Canadian Spa Company's Yukon Plug and Play Spa is a compact but spacious 2-person hot tub that is easy to install and plugs directly into any standard 15A household outlet. The larger the hot tub, the more people it seats and the higher the cost. A plug-and-play hot tub doesn’t require any special installation, yet it provides the same benefits as a regular model: stress and pain relief, improved sleep, and relaxation. A. Heat-sensitive individuals should be careful when using a hot tub. Today we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of plug and play hot tubs to … The hot water in your plug-and-play tub can work wonders on inflamed joints. Lower Starting Costs: Since plug and play spas offer a smaller 1 pump unit, you will avoid the high costs. Inexpensive: An ultra-lightweight portable unit that seats five and has no jets costs around $1,500. You can expect to pay from $1,500 to $7,000 for a plug-and-play hot tub. If you’re pregnant or have a heart condition or circulatory issue, check with your doctor before using a hot tub. Simply fill with water, plug into a standard outlet, and spa the day away. Q. For those without the budget or setup for a traditional hot tub, a plug-and-play model is the perfect alternative. A lifetime of outstanding customer service and expertise you can rely on. Stop by your local Watson’s and purchase a plug in hot tub today - you won’t regret it. Plug N Play hot tubs are more affordable because most of them don’t offer all the features that standard hot tubs do. Affordable DURABLE Perfect for your relaxation and entertainment needs. The advantage of a plug-and-play hot tub is that you can put it almost anywhere there is an electrical outlet. The comfortable lounge seat is ergonomically contoured and two massaging JetPaks of your choice create an ideal personal spa experience. Check user reviews to find out about a particular plug-and-play hot tub’s noise level. Install on any solid flat level surface capable of handling specified load. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Need help choosing the right plug-n-play spa for your lifestyle and budget? If you want to buy one but don’t know where to start, BestReviews can help. The QCA Cordoba is especially enjoyed by couples and singles. The steps are to power down the spa, unplug the spa. This spa is ideal for singles, empty-nesters and couples that need a smaller spa without sacrificing quality.

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