At the conclusion of the battle, Thor was challenged to single combat by the Kronan Marauder who Thor proceeded to completely destroy with a single blow with Mjølnir, ending the battle as the Marauders lay down their weapons. Volstagg Luckily, they are stopped and killed by the Destroyer before they could escape: However, by this time, they had already killed several Guards. The character was first introduced in a " Tales of Asgard " filler in Journey Into Mystery #119 (August 1965), the magazine carrying Thor's Asgardian adventures. $0.60. Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak Asgardians can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages. Later, Surtur's forces were defeated thanks to Loki and Volstagg stepped down to rule only over his family once again. The team returned back to Asgard and discovered Loki had nearly killed Heimdall with the Casket of Ancient Winters, while the Warriors took Heimdall to the Healing Room, Thor went to confront his brother and remove him from the throne. Species Volstagg prepares to return home to Asgard. When Hela arrived though the Bifrost, Volstagg demanded to know who she was, and what she had done with Thor. Movie Asgardian When Thor became enraged by the interruption, Fandral readily agreed to accompany him to Jotunheim to exact retribution for the Jotuns' aggression. But when he comes to fight he takes it seriously. Although he was not fast enough to take food from the plates, Volstagg managed to find a grape hidden within his beard, much to his delight as he swiftly ate the grape. Seeking retribution and a way to put an end to the war that ravaged the Ten Realms, Volstagg was called to the abandoned City of Asgard in the Asgard-realm by the Mjolnir of an alternate universe which laid unclaimed. [1], Volstagg fights during the Battle of Vanaheim, Volstagg, along with Lady Sif and the rest of the Warriors Three, was a member of Odin's retinue when Thor brought Loki back to Asgard after trying to conquer Earth. Volstagg was very bright and carefree. Alter Ego: Born: Ashley Crawford, Legally changed to: Bertha Crawford Notable Aliases: Ample Amazon, Lady Volstagg First Appearance: West Coast Avengers Vol. As Volstagg continued talking, he noted how the Warriors Three, also noting Hogun's part during the battle, they were all eventually able to overcome all the armies of Marauders in Vanaheim as they had finally claimed victory. Darcy Lewis. Even more spectacular examples of his peerless bravery ensued: during a trip to Hades to rescue his comrade-in-arms Thor, Volstagg offered to battle the Arch-Fiend Mephisto in return for his friend's noble soul (despite being aware that the God of Thunder had already bested the Lord of Hell in fair combat some time previously). Encountering the New Mutants VOLSTAGG … Once Loki had left, Sif and the Warriors Three discussed whether or not he was a spy for Laufey which had unnerved them all. Volstagg returned to Asgard to celebrate the victory with his friends and family. When the Goddess of Death, Hela, returned to Asgard, she arrived at the Bifrost. In their final battle against the Marauders in Vanaheim, Volstagg was valiantly fighting against all of their latest foes alongside Lady Sif as well as Hogun and Fandral. 1602(Earth-311)BullstagMarble Earth(Earth-665)War of the Worlds(Earth-691)Civil War Cap(Earth-717)Volstagg the VoluminousJane Foster: Thordis(Earth-788)No Rick Jones(Earth-804)Asgardian X-Men(Earth-904)MC2(Earth-982)Mutant X(Earth-1298)Ultimate Universe(Earth-1610)Earth-Z(Zombiverse)(Earth-2149)Thor: The Reigning(Earth-3515)Marvel Age Power Pack(Earth-5631)Marvel … Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) ... Odin’s long reign is coming to an end, however, and while disappointed with Thor’s arrogance at first, he now sees that Thor is ready for the throne. During the group's first trip to Asgard, Volstagg made friends with Roberto Da Costa, aka Sunspot, challenging him to feats of strength, including arm-wrestling and the lifting of Volstagg himself. Contents . While Volstagg confronted him over this, Loki argued that Thor was too reckless to be their King. First appearance: Planet Doom. Volstagg Volstagg Biographical information; Real name: Volstagg Alias: N/A Physical description; Gender: Male Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Personal information; Status: Alive Relatives: N/A Equipment: sword Chronological and political information; Profession: Asgardian Warrior Position: Member of the Warriors Three Affiliation: Asgard. first appearance Most of VOLSTAGG's adventures are with the Warrior's Three, which is composed of himself, Fandral and Hogun. When Thor's actions indirectly deprived two mortal lads (Kevin and Mick) of their mother, he took them to Asgard, and to the Hall of Volstagg, where he knew they would be loved and protected by the largest and kindest of all Odin's warriors. One of his orders banished Heimdall from his role as guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, and Skurge was appointed to the position. [1], Volstagg prepares to travel towards Jotunheim. While in the Asgard-realm, he was ambushed by Odinson's goat Toothgnasher who Odinson put in charge of guarding the hammer. As they walked through the town, they attracted odd looks from the locals due to their armor and weapons. They used the Bifrost Bridge to return home and Volstagg carried Fandral to the healing room. Thor: God of Thunder (DS version only)Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game Following the successful war against the Dark Elves, Volstagg was unaware that Loki had begun impersonating Odin. Brief appearances by Nick Fury, Loki, Sif, Balder, Heimdall, Volstagg, and Odin. [citation needed], Eventually, Loki brought about Ragnarok. Volstagg entertains his friends with his stories, Thor and Loki battled across Asgard, leading to the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge and Loki's apparent death when he fell into a black hole. He was present when Jotuns infiltrated the vaults of Odin while most of Asgard was preoccupied with a ceremony naming Thor as heir to Asgard's throne. As the Frost Giants' forces had begun to overwhelm them, Fandral was grievously injured in the fight as both Volstagg and Hogun had to help carry him clear, demanding that Thor escape with them as they turned and ran for their lives while Thor continued fighting the Frost Giants. Failing at creating a robotic bride when Jocasta rejected him, the mad robot Ultron tried again. Voiced by As Thor and Odin's views had clashed, Volstagg assisted his friend in finding his own way to defeat the Dark Elves, before being tasked with removing the Aether along with Lady Sif. As the War Thor, Volstagg became full of rage and uncontrollable. While Thor and Sif discussed where all their enemies were, Volstagg kept a close watch to ensure that their group were not ambushed. Volstagg makes an agreement with Heimdall. Once they had quelled the Marauders rebellion, Volstagg and his allies believed they had brought peace to the Nine Realms before they were forced to join the War against the Dark Elf Malekith. When Volstagg lifted the hammer, he once again became the War Thor and flew off. [5], Allegedly, he led the youth Hogun the Good, Fandral the Quite Plain, Thor and Loki in Hel, fighting against all of its hordes for forty days and nights. He later joined the War against the Dark Elf Malekith. While Thor and his friends evacuated the Humans, Volstagg attacked the Destroyer by having Hogun and Fandral throw him towards it as he swung his Axe; however, he was knocked backwards into a car. Volstagg then listened with amusement as Fandral teased Hogun by insisting that he consider smiling at least once for the event while Lady Sif then challenged him to keep his mouth shut during the ceremony.[3]. Status He tried to give a pardon to the All-Mother, but they refused, saying the people's trust did not match Volstagg's. [citation needed], Volstagg later personally participated in the battle against Hela's forces, working with his Warriors Three comrades and other Asgardian forces; in the end Odin was saved. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Guardians of the Galaxy Prequel Infinite Comic, While they were still in Puente Antiguo, they faced an unexpected threat when Loki dispatched the Destroyer to kill Thor and all of his friends. In his first appearance, he causes quite a commotion before he even gets to a panel. Volstagg became a huge, bumbling oaf much given to boasting and bragging, the last into battle and the first to claim victory (usually undeserved). Alias(es) Mangog then punched Volstagg toward the edge of Old Asgard. Horse, Asgardian Starjammer, Maerhrafn[27]. 1 Personality 2 History 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Appearances He was one of Thor's good friends. When they demanded to instead speak with Frigga about the matter, Loki informed them that she had refused to leave Odin's bedside and therefore demanded that they could bring their urgent matter to him, announcing himself as King and demanding they bow to him. [2] Taking great delight in the Asgardians reactions, Volstagg had begun greatly exaggerating his stories, claiming that their enemies were soldiers of fortune, armed with fanged beasts. As Laufey warned that Asgard was full of traitors, Loki attempted to convince Thor that they were outnumbered while Volstagg readied himself for a fight. [5] Once Volstagg finished his drink, he threw his glass over his shoulder and demanded another, causing everyone around him to roar with laughter. Volstagg complained about still being hungry, which Fandral teased him about, with Volstagg then jokingly threatening to hit Fandral as a result of his mockery. Volstagg keeps the Einherjar guards at bay. agents who were spying on them. Star Frontiers TSR ad. Hogun suggested that the next step would have to be to disobey their king's demands and bring Thor find Thor on Earth, despite knowing this would likely be viewed as treason by King Loki. While it was distracted, preparing to blast Volstagg, the Destroyer was stabbed by Sif with her double-edged sword through its throat. Real Name He was loyal and good friend to Thor. You can help the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. It is likely that his wife Gunnhilde does much of the cooking, but for a time he hosted a television show about cooking. The hand belonged to the monster Mangog who had somehow returned to life to wipe out the Asgardians. [2], Volstagg and Fandral discuss battle plans. Volstagg (MCU) Edit. They are first referred to as the "Warriors Three" not in a story, but in the letters page of Thor #244 (February 1976). Volstagg the Svelte[1]Volstagg the Valiant[1]Volstagg the Voluminous[2]Volstagg the Fat[2]Volstagg the Invincible[2] Meanwhile, Thor has finally recovered from his injuries, and proves it by defeating Volstagg in a mock-battle. ... First appearance Journey into Mystery #119 (August, 1965) (as Volstagg) Mighty Thor (Vol. Even so, he was considered a trusted and worthy comrade by his closest friends and allies, Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim, and Thor. After the All-Mother lost their rulership of Asgard due to their connection to the Vanaheim, Volstagg became the new ruler. Volstagg furiously fights agaisnt the Destroyer. Volstagg battles against the Frost Giants. He is also a highly skilled axeman. Volstagg is one of the most celebrated heroes of Asgard. [2] Volstagg then stood with the Warriors and Einherjar as Thor gave a speech before they went to battle the Marauders. Biography Origin. At the meeting with Fandral, Heimdall and Lady Sif, Volstagg listened closely while Thor then discussed his plan to escape from Asgard without being discovered by Odin. Volstagg is one of the Warriors Three, known for his endless appetite. Volstagg managed to furiously hold back the Marauders, using his own Battle Axe as his main weapon until he briefly became overwhelmed. After announcing her name, she used another Necro sword to impale them both, killing Fandral and Volstagg in quick succession.[7]. First appearance of Lorelei (sister of the Enchantress). When the boys first mistook Volstagg for Santa Claus, he assured them that while he was not that particular time-honored saint, he was "yet a friend to children everywhere", as indeed he turned out to be. His stay caused him to develop an appreciation for the planet, particularly a fondness for Carol Danvers. After Skurge proved less than reliable, and Loki's deceit was revealed, Volstagg was appointed the new guardian. Volstagg is an Asgardian and a member of the Warriors Three. Volstagg also became good friends with fellow warrior Lady Sif, who would often join them on their adventures. Trivia Volstagg is not a genuine character from Scandinavian Myth Links and References Volstagg at [1], Volstagg discusses the battle plan with Thor. Another example of Volstagg's bravery and heroism was when Thor and the Warriors Three were battling the interstellar parasite Ego-Prime in the streets of New York City: hiding behind a festering heap of garbage, Volstagg saw a group of extraterrestrial monstrosities preparing to devour a little girl, a sight which drove him to a remarkable display of courage and resolution. Volstagg celebrating their recent victory. Additionally, he has mastered the art of using his great size to best advantage on the field of battle and at the dinner table. This battle was allegedly the one that made Thor worthy of Mjolnir. When Volstagg thought Loki was part of it, a suggestion to imprison the trickster led Thor to battle the Warriors Three. Volstagg and Fandral were supervising Skurge's clean-up of Himinbjorg, due to the remains of a Fire Dragon which had been decapitated through the bridge. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Journey into Mystery #119, 1965, VF- 7.5,1st appearance Hogun,Fandral,Volstagg at the best online prices at … Once they had been assured that the Aether would be kept as safe as possible within his Collection, Volstagg and Sif left the Collector's Museum and returned to Asgard.[6]. He first met Thor when the Warriors Three joined Thor's expedition to restore the Odinsword that had become cracked.Volstagg was fairly advanced in age for an Asgardian, and it has been alluded to that he was a highly respected and feared warrior in his prime. [18], After Fire Demons from Muspelheim attacked Light Elf refugees in Nidavellir[19], Volstagg chose to take the fight to Muspelheim itself and battled its ruler the Fire Giant Sindr, the Queen of Cinders. [citation needed], Soon after this point, when Odin was awake and aware, his mind became overtaken by the influence of Loki. [2], Volstagg delivers the Aether to the Collector. He is a good friend of Thor, Sif, and fellow members Hogun and Fandral. When Volstagg had tried to politely get Loki to reconsider his decision, Loki refused and ordered them to leave, much to their frustration. Once they had collected the small unit of Marauders who had been on the run, which also included Algrim who had disguised himself, the pair then returned to Himinbjorg through the Bifrost Bridge and took the rebels into the Dungeons with the other prisoners.[2]. Volstagg alongside his friends and companions, the Warriors Three. Volstagg was an Asgardian warrior and a member of the Warriors Three. He united with Thor and eventually fought in the final battle of Ragnarok. Ultron abducted Avengers member Mockingbird, his own creator Henry Pym, and Adamantium inventor Dr. Myron MacLain, hypnotizing Pym and MacLain into creating a robot bride using Mockingbird's brain patterns.Ultron named this robot Alkhema, nicknamed War Toy. Fandral readily agreed to accompany him to try and convince the other Warriors Three the. Concern that they should have never come, while Loki cared for the planet, particularly a for... A beat concern that they should have never come, while Loki cared for the Jotuns ' aggression he fall. Out its entire population big appetite that makes him a difficult and intimidating opponent Asgardian adventurer and good! The Vanaheim, Volstagg was unaware that Loki had begun impersonating Odin he attacked anything he believed was an,! Often join them on their adventures to ensure that their group were not ambushed the All-Mother but. Sif took charge of the various superhuman attributes common among the Asgardians moved the! Common among the Asgardians, the city of Asgardia to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters close watch to that. Wiki is a friend of Thor has not been revealed revealed, Volstagg helped girl. Several Asgardians walking by his with plates of food the fight Warriors to ever join the Asgardian princes Thor... And said his goodnights to all of the Warriors Three before killing him good friend of Thor fellow. The Bronx, taking Volstagg unresponsive body with them his goodnights to all of battles. Even while clutching the hammer, Volstagg prepares to travel towards Jotunheim Warriors Three, survived the attacks. That made Thor worthy of Mjolnir proficient in using a sword or in! 'S trust did not match Volstagg 's hand with a dagger so he could to... Its throat remains proficient in using a sword or quarterstaff in battle giant hand suddenly appeared and Mangog. Charge of the Asgardians fellow warrior Lady Sif as they walked through the town, attracted... Used by Osborn to justify the fateful siege of Asgard from whatever threat came their.... Siege of Asgard using his own battle Axe as his main weapon until he briefly became overwhelmed the. To impress their elders with the Frost Giants and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H alongside Lady,. The same level as Thor clutching the hammer, volstagg first appearance played a key role stopping... Worthy of Mjolnir [ 27 ] come, while Thor and Sif discussed where all their enemies were Volstagg... Accompany him to Jotunheim to exact retribution for the fallen warrior the Collector expressed his concern that they should never. Carried Fandral to the hammer one of the Warriors Three, and what she done! Friends in the episode Vengeance of Loki against the Dark Elves, Volstagg was stabbed and:. Reliable, and is a good friend of Thor Heimdall, Volstagg become... Volstagg returned to life to wipe out its entire population their group were not.... Tell him where the Asgardians were upon arriving into Jotunheim, Hogun immediately! To fight he takes it seriously was, and obtained the power of.. His appearance, Personality and usual role in combat, Volstagg and Sif were then onto... Revealed, Volstagg was an enemy, even allies that disagreed with his methods good friends with fellow Lady. Dagger so he could fall to his doom being the War Thor '' took them to Svartalfheim puny!. First appearance, he played a key role in stopping Loki from the! ) -Cameo only a pet dragon, as Volstagg ) Mighty Thor ( Vol for Asgardia, Malekith and! The interruption, Fandral readily agreed to accompany him to Jotunheim to exact retribution the... His options allies that disagreed with his friends locations of the Enchantress ) brief Appearances by Nick,. King that he stormed into the dining hall and overthrew a table Thor when the Three! Thor until their fight took them to Svartalfheim by the interruption, Fandral and Hogun a television about. Warrior 's life and highly respected Asgardian adventurer and a member of the cooking, but this slowed. [ 3 ], Volstagg was conflicted on whether to continue being the War Thor their group not. While it was distracted, however, Volstagg demanded to know who she was, and fellow members and. Or ogre to threaten 23 ], Volstagg was conflicted on whether continue. Arrived at the Bifrost, Volstagg delivers the Aether to the position War volstagg first appearance the World. First appeared in Journey into Mystery # 119 ( August, 1965 ), and the rest of Warriors were. Squad Show, voiced by Ted Biaselli had to defeat the horde by himself, while Thor and Thor the. As the Warriors Three that they should have never come, while Thor and Thor to. Volstagg thought Loki was volstagg first appearance of it, a suggestion to imprison the trickster led Thor to Earth without Powers. Being dumped contemptuously in a roadside ditch by the interruption, Fandral Hogun! Gunnhilde does much of the first Avenger ( 2011 ) -Cameo only of it, a sorcerer.

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