It’s very difficult to get and they only offer their products to the top decking companies in the country. TrapEase 3 Deck Screw 2-1/2" (350) Screws (Clam Shell) 4.7 out of 5 stars 43. Drive fastener in one continuous motion until the driver bit releases from the head of the fastener. 12 Inch Composite Deck Board Sample List Price: $5.00. Products we offer include Deckfast Screws, Mantis Clips, TrapEase deck screws and more. And it … If you are looking for the best Trex deck fasteners or Trex deck screws online, then we’re sure we have a great option for you. Available in classic Enhance colors: Beach Dune, Clam Shell, and Saddle. Cortex now comes with the following product enhancements: TORX® ttap® Drive System: This system is almost impossible to strip-out. Compare. Come in a variety of popular Trex finishes for a perfect grain and color match - the plug is practically invisible once installed. In fact, we’ve never cut down a single tree. Ships Sept 18 when you order now. Length moves from 2-3/4” to 2-1/2”. SKU TRX100FP. The second generation of Trex Enhance comes with a new, lighter, scalloped profile for easier handling and installation. Product specific pages from our FastenMaster catalog. Use an 18V cordless drill on highest speed setting. When used in combination with epoxy coated or stainless steel fasteners, it gives builders the ability to choose the right screw for a wide variety of applications. Stronger Setting Tool: Optimized for extreme pro contractor use. The FastenMaster Cortex Concealed Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to conceal the fastener heads when installing PVC trim boards. All rights reserved. Cortex for Azek Trim. Install a few Cortex screws and plugs to check for appearance before continuing. Simpson Strong-Tie TRX20CS Deck-Drive DCU Screw Plugs Trex - Clam Shell 75ct. All Trex Transcend colours available (see below) – the plug is practically invisible once installed. Installing into older framing or joists. Trex is a horrible product and rots molds and mildews since it has wood fibers inside of it. $70.00. They fit into holes created with the included Pro Plug System PVC Decking and Trim Tool. It doesn’t require a fresh coat of … The Fascia System is designed to accommodate the large amount of expansion and contraction that can occur with many composite and PVC deck fascia boards. All screws, plugs, and setting tools are included in every box. Made of high-performance composite; won’t rot, warp or splinter, unlike wood. The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution is a complete hidden deck-fastening system designed for use with our premium DCU Composite screws, and is composed of DCU screw plugs and the auto-set driver bit (each sold separately). Simpson Trex Composite Deck Screw Plug, Fire Pit, Pkg 375 . Categories. Modified Fastener: New thread design reduces installation torque and dramatically increases fastener strength. PRO PLUG® for Trex® is a superior plugging system for Trex® decking & trim combining screw down strength with the beauty of a hidden fastener system. Cortex is available in a 100 lineal foot package, a 100 square foot package and a 300 square foot package. Trex® Enhance Composite Decking Sample in Saddle Enhance. TREX Clam Shell Boards are available in both a “solid” (also called square shouldered) and “grooved” profiles. And it just got better! Shop for all of your hidden deck fastener needs at Fasteners Plus. Trex uses innovative materials that provide some of the longest lasting decks in terms of wear and tear – mainly because there is very little of it compared to traditional wooden decks. Cortex Hidden Fasteners feature a thread design that requires less torque, and a bit designed for extreme pro contractor use. Quality composite deck screws and fasteners are essential for installing a Trex deck. Trex Transcend 6 ft. Composite Rail and Black Square Baluster Kit Horizontal 42 in. Trex Enhance Basics 12-ft Clam Shell Square Composite Fascia Deck Board. It combines screw down strength with the beauty of a hidden fastener system. Plugs are cut from actual Trex® board for a perfect match. The TTAP head makes it almost impossible to strip the fasteners, and makes removing the screw easy. Stronger bit material and industrial grade felt will enable you to install 350 fasteners on one Cortex Setting Tool. Start by browsing the most popular Trex colors, including Trex Transcend ® in Island Mist, Tiki Torch, and Spiced Rum. The plug packs contain 375 plugs for 100 sq ft and the Pro Plug ® PVC Tool . Add your screws (375 piece packs) from the … The Cortex Hidden Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners in composite, capstock, and PVC decking boards. 3.5 out of 5 stars 14. Cortex offers a strong connection between the deck board and joist. VEKADECK is the best deck board in the entire vinyl decking industry. $41.49. See below … Hide the deck fastener heads when installing PVC trim boards, For attaching deck ledger boards to the rim joist of a house with no predrilling, LedgerLOK Flat Head Structural Wood Screw, Cortex Hidden Fastening System for Decking, Cortex Driller Hidden Fastening System for Steel Deck Framing, PAMFast Subfloor High Density Autofeed Screws, PAMFast Wood Underlayment Autofeed Screws, PAMFast Subfloor Autofeed Screws (16-20 Gauge), CopperHead Autofeed Screws for Pressure Treated Decking, TC-120 Grooved Board Hidden Deck Fastener for Hardwood, Tiger Claw Installation Gun for Grooved Decking, Tiger Claw Pneumatic Scrails for Installation Gun, Trex Select® (100 lineal foot and 300 sq ft), Trex Transcend® (100 lineal foot and 300 sq ft), Installing into capstock decking (Where a composite core is wrapped by a vinyl or plastic shell), Installing in extreme temperatures (Where temperature is below 40° F or above 80° F). Easy-to-build decking; no specialty tools required. Earth Friendly. Do not slow or stop the drill. The Cortex Hidden Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners in composite, capstock, and PVC decking boards. All screws, plugs, and setting tools are included in every box. Available in 18 colors to perfectly match Trex. Trex Hideaway Start Clips 36 pc for 400 sq. Trex Transcend 4 in. Order samples of Trex composite decking to find your perfect fit, shipped directly to your door! Trex is the world's largest manufacturer of composite decking, railing, lighting and furniture. The Pro Plug System for Trex Decking - 375 Pack is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system for Trex Decking. They are available in a 100-square-foot package and a 300-square-foot package. ft. of decking. Trex Color Selector Which is the perfect fit for your deck? The precisely engineered Deckfast® Fascia System includes the Fascia Tool and specially designed, color coated, Fascia Screws available in Headcote ® stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel.. It hides fasteners across the entire deck, first and last board, perimeter and stairs. Set the Pro Plug screw with the PRO PLUG PVC Tool and tap in the Trex® plug with a hammer. $54.99 . Install main deck with Grooved boards using TREX Hideaway Plastic hidden fasteners. We offer many colors, as well as kits to install Transcend decking on a metal framing system. Simpson Trex Composite Deck Screw Plug, Fire Pit, Pkg 375 . Trex provides a variety of valuable resources to answer your questions or concerns. Install in 2 easy steps. Match Simpson-Strong Tie screw colors to your premium composite, PVC or encapsulated decking material with this guide. At, you can request information, register your warranty, and reach out to customer service representatives who can answer even more questions. We carry Simpson Strong-Tie EB-TY hidden deck systems, deck screw plugs and all of the fasteners needed for installation. It doesn’t rot, warp, peel, or splinter. x 4 in. » Call 1-800-BUY-TREX (1-800-289-8739) and speak to a Customer Loyalty Advocate who can answer Discover the many Trex deck board styles and colors available, such as Clam Shell. The system features the PVC Tool (which drives screws to the correct depth without stripping the screw recess or damaging … 12 Inch Composite Deck Board Sample List Price: $5.00. Set the screw with the PRO PLUG PVC Tool and tap in the PVC plug with a hammer. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Lightweight scalloped profile for easy handling. In these cases, use a 7/32" drill bit to pilot a hole halfway through the deck board (not the framing). Trex Decking Plugs DecksDirect carries plug systems that match Trex decking because they're made from actual Trex decking material. They fit into holes created with the included Pro Plug System PVC Decking and Trim Tool. $67.29. Look up consumer affairs and read all the horrible reviews about trex. In addition, the stability button keeps the fastener straight through installation. Pro Plug System for PVC and Composite is available in the two main configurations, with a variety of plug and fastener options: Inventory Management Program with screws and plugs sold separately and in Full Kits with screws and plugs in a single pack. Videos. The innovative Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners are an option with grooved-edge boards for perfectly consistent spacing and no visible screws on top. For additional assistance, check out: » Here you will find a wealth of useful information on Trex’s extensive products including: installation, care and cleaning instructions and … Made of 95% recycled materials, with a low carbon footprint. Trex Enhance Basics Decking \\\\nThe latest generation of Trex Enhance Decking, the Basics Collection offers homeowners high-performance, low-maintenance composite decking at a value that makes it an attractive option for any project.\\\\nTrex Enhance is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the look of real wood without the time-consuming maintenance. To order online, visit one of our online partners: Register to Become A FastenMaster Prostar, REGISTER TO BECOME A FASTENMASTER PROSTAR. Item #1574137. Add to Cart . We don’t harvest rainforests to make Trex. The Cortex Hidden Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners in composite, capstock, and PVC decking boards.

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